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The Port of Hanstholm

The Port of Hanstholm is one of Denmark’s largest fishing ports and leads the way in terms of fish sold for human consumption. In 2017 the port celebrated its 50th anniversary, and although this makes the Port of Hanstholm Denmark’s youngest port, determination and the courage to generate success have enabled the Port of Hanstholm to acquire a significant position. A successful harbor expansion (2017-2020) to DKK 650 million, which has added new outer piers, increased water depth, more quay area, an extra harbor basin and a large hinterland area, strengthens and secures the harbor's position - and at the same time paves the way for Hanstholm Harbor to become Europe's leading port in trade, processing and farming of fish - and at the same time Europe's first CO2-neutral fishing port.

The Port of Hanstholm is located at one of Denmark’s most exposed points due to the powerful waves – but also has an ideal geographical location with a short distance to some of the best fishing grounds in the North Sea, attractive prices on fish and Denmark’s biggest fish auction. Fishing, transport and service are the port’s chief business areas – followed by energy and aquaculture.

For a period of 50 years, the Port of Hanstholm has been a focal point for the town of Hanstholm and a major factor in terms of the business community in Thy and the whole of North Jutland. The port generates around 2,300 local jobs in the Municipality of Thisted, with around 1,000 people directly employed at or near the port, whilst a further 1,300 are employed in related businesses.

It is crucial that the Port of Hanstholm continues to undergo renewal in order to meet future demands for a modern and forward-looking port in which service is paramount – helped by Hanstholm Maritime Service Network.

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